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Marianni Ebert
Rhythms & Sounds
of Brazil

Legendary Performer in Carnegie Debut

Date: Friday, April 2, 2010, 8:30 PM
Location : Weill Hall in Carnegie Hall, NYC

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Marianni Ebert is one of the top performers of Brazilian music in New York City over the last fifteen years. An accomplished dancer, actor, and composer, Marianni has been thrilling audiences in New York and around the world with her enchanting renditions of a broad array of Brazilian Rhythms and Sounds. Marianni has been holding court in Zinc Bar in Greenwich Village since 1995, and at the iconic Cafe Wha in the
Village since 1996. Born in Rio and influenced by the songs of her father and the sensations of the sea and the sun, Marianni toured the entire country of Brazil, and was thereby exposed to the richest and greatest variety of Brazilian rhythms and melody. All this music came with her when she moved to New York in 1994, and has since intertwined with new influences in the thriving New York City World Music culture.

This concert in the greatest music venue in the world, Weill Hall in Carnegie Hall, affords Marianni and her audience a rare opportunity to experience the Rhythms And Sounds Of Brazil in an atmosphere like no


"I was born in Rio. I grew up loving the sun, the ocean, the forest, the morning breeze, the night breeze, and the warmth. Every morning my Dad use to drive me to school singing songs that he was making up right there to make me happy. It was a way to incentives my creativity.

I was always surrounded by love. Music was part of my life. Everything that I was feeling or doing had to have a soundtrack.

I had the opportunity to tour Brazil, I mean, all Brazil, with my theatre company. Than I was introduced “live” to all the richest brazilian rhythms that you can imagine! I was fascinated by all the variety of rhythms, that I already knew, but to be able to experience them live was a bomb!!!

When I moved to NYC I was fascinated and still am about the creativity power that rests here. The amazing musicians from everywhere in the world that come here to share experiences. I started to sing at the Zinc Bar and was amazed by all the musicians who stop by to jam. Then I felt that I want to have on my music different elements from different cultures but mixed with my Brazilian roots. Like NYC is a “melting pot” for me.

All these experiences made me compose songs with different rhythms, because….I love all of them!!!!" -- Marianni Ebert

Enjoy the rhythms and sounds of Brazil!!!!